Hello! I'm Hristina Milkić.
A web developer based in Serbia.

Web Design & Development

Designing and developing websites that blend aesthetics and functionality to attract visitors and enhance user experience.

Specializing in platforms like Webflow to customize websites according to client's needs, providing them with a unique online identity.

Implementing comprehensive brand identity on the website to create a consistent and recognizable online presence.

Graphic Design

Creating original logos that reflect the unique character and values of the brand, considering clients' aesthetic preferences and industry trends.

Designing professional CVs that stand out and attract employers' attention, highlighting clients' skills, education, and work experience.

Developing visually appealing marketing materials, including brochures, flyers, business cards, etc., with a focus on brand consistency and recognition.

Social Media Management

Developing targeted social media strategies involving audience research, content planning, and performance analysis to optimize campaigns.

Actively managing clients' social profiles, including regular creation and sharing of relevant content to engage the audience and build the brand.

Monitoring key metrics and analyzing data to identify trends and adjust strategies according to changes in user behavior.

Consulting Services

Crafting personalized business development strategies involving market analysis, identification of competitive advantages, and recommendations for enhancing business processes.

Providing expert advice and support to clients in various areas of business, including digital marketing, branding, sales, and operations.

Working with clients on individually tailored solutions that meet their specific goals and needs to achieve optimal results.

Streamlining Development from Concept to Launch

This is How I Work: My Workflow Process


Client and business research, design preferences and website requirements gathering, competitor and industry trend analysis.

Wireframe & Design

Creating wireframes, developing visual identity (color schemes, fonts, graphics), and designing UI to meet project goals and UX standards.


Design and functionality implementation using Webflow, interactive programming, SEO optimization, and cross-device/browser testing.

QA & Testing

Thoroughly testing site functionalities, checking content quality, page loading speed, and user experience, and validating against standards and best practices.

Handover & Aftercare

Delivering finished site with management instructions, providing post-launch support, and monitoring performance for improvements based on feedback.

Timoti Warehouse Company

Brand identity
Graphic design
Web development

I optimized "Timoti" company's online presence, clarifying their services and showcasing their construction materials effectively. Through content reorganization and user experience enhancements, I made their business easily accessible, covering wholesale and retail distribution, transportation services, and construction projects. This project highlights my commitment to delivering tangible outcomes and supporting "Timoti" towards greater success.

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Bonustennis Agency

Brand identity
Graphic design
Web development

Through user-friendly navigation and visually striking interfaces, their website ensures a seamless online journey, maximizing engagement and satisfaction. This project epitomizes our dedication to tailoring digital solutions that amplify their client's online presence and streamline interaction with their suite of offerings. At Bonustennis, their mission is to elevate the tennis experience on a global scale.

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Dentimax Dental Clinic

Brand identity
Graphic design
Web development

For the dental clinic "Dentimax" I spearheaded the creation of their website, encompassing ideation, design, UI/UX, and development. Crafting a seamless online experience, I ensured intuitive navigation and visually engaging interfaces. By integrating user-friendly features and responsive design, I aimed to optimize patient engagement and satisfaction. This project reflects my dedication to delivering comprehensive digital solutions tailored to the client's needs, enhancing their online presence and facilitating seamless interaction with their services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the website creation process typically take?

The website creation process varies depending on the project's complexity and client's needs. For simpler websites, the process may take a 1-2 weeks, while more complex projects may require more time.

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What information do you need to start building a website?

To begin building your website, I'll need basic information about your business, website goals, design preferences, and functionalities you'd like to incorporate.

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What types of projects do you typically work on in Webflow?

I work on a variety of projects in Webflow, including personal websites, portfolios, business websites, online stores, landing pages, and more. Our goal is to provide tailored solutions that meet our client's needs.

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Do you provide training or support for clients after the project is completed?

Absolutely, I offer training and continuous support to help you maximize your website's potential. I am here for technical assistance and issue resolution post-project. Plus, I'll keep your site content fresh and updated whenever required.

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How is website creation priced?

Pricing for website depends on the scope of the project, design complexity, and additional client requirements. After a detailed analysis of your needs, I can provide you with an accurate quote for your project.

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